moms and how in the world they are always right

I left my house this morning for a trip to Ames and had stopped to splurge on a coffee from Starbucks (see the description of this blog above). I looked at the cardboard heat protector (who knows what that is called anyways) and saw Oprah Winfrey’s quote pictured above. “The only courage you ever need is the courage to live the life you want.” Inspirational, yes, but flash back to an hour earlier this morning (bear with me) when I was cuddling with my mom in her bed. It was a dreary morning in Des Moines, rain hitting the window, and there we sat, mom and daughter, soaking up what would probably be our last cuddle sesh before I go to school.

While we talked about a thousand things, as we usually tend to do, I will only share a short piece of our conversation. The part that pertains to Oprah’s quote (see, I told you I would get there). We were talking about what I hope to be my future, broadcast journalism, and I told her why I wanted to report internationally. She told me, with assurance in her voice, that I could do anything, be anything, as long as I believed in myself and had the courage and motivation to do so.

So imagine my shock reading this quote on the side of my coffee cup. Moms have this instinct, this voodoo magic, third eye sense for stuff like this. They are always in the know. Creepy, but it is just the way it is and I learned to get used to it a few years ago. Now I appreciate it because how awesome is it to be birthed by someone who can obviously see the future?

Accept and appreciate your mom’s weird, psychic powers and know that you can do anything. All you need is a little courage.

As always, thanks for reading.


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