simple and everything else

There was never a moment as serene as when I said goodbye to two of my best friends, Addy Evans and Karli Killian, before leaving for college. Imagine three girls laying in the back of a pick up truck parked off of a ditch, nestled in with pillows and blankets, looking up at the stars shining over a back road in Iowa.

Addy had bought a journal for the three of us to share and mail back and forth to each other (think something along the lines of the sisterhood of the traveling book). The idea being that we could write down anything, nothing left off the table, and send it to whichever one of us was needed in the moment. We talked about how worn the pages would eventually become, how beaten up the cover might get, how many memories it could someday contain, and what exotic places around the world the journal could see. It was the most thoughtful gift I had ever received (and I was sharing it).

When I looked at the cover, my throat tightened and I felt my heart sink. Addy had drawn three triangles, linked yet uncompleted, on the front cover of the journal. Each triangle representing each one of us, incomplete with out the other, open to new beginnings.

There are no words to explain what this friendship means to me. I have grown, been challenged and loved so deeply by these two girls that the bond we share is something that even 1,300 miles had nothing on. How beautiful of a goodbye it was for such a beautiful friendship. A friendship that will go on, be recorded in a little brown journal, that will experience and laugh, be bold and full of life.

Addy, Karli – Thank you. More love to be opened in the mail soon.

“It was the end of something simple and the beginning of everything else.”



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