you are not perfect

There is one fact that I can give you that I am more than 100% confident in. A piece of advice that I know, deep down in the bottom of my heart, is true and will never fail you. You ready? Here it is: You were not put here on this earth to judge others.

It is human nature to make assumptions about others. When you pass someone on the street who is obviously different than you, it is common to group them into a category that society has allowed you to create. 

Walking around a college campus as big as the University of Missouri has allowed me to see and be exposed to many people from various walks of life. Now I know that not everyone is a saint and not everyone is a good person, but I do know that some of the strangest looking people have been the best people I have had the opportunity to meet. I also know that some of the most put together people have been the worst people I have had the opportunity to meet. 

The guy who walks around sporting bare feet, dreads cascading down his lower back and a simple linen shirt and shorts is not a pot head but just a guy who is fed up with the expectation to spend all of his money on what others tell him is appropriate to wear. The freshman pledge who looks like he is hungover every morning actually does not live in-house and after getting beer and ketchup poured on his head all night had to get out of bed and drag himself across campus at 6am to clean up the hazing mess. The girl sitting alone at a bench is not anti-social but really just trying to get all of her homework done before class in 20 minutes. The guy who sits in front of you in lecture covered in tattoos and piercings is not scary or disgusting, he is sitting in class just like you, trying to learn and provide himself with an education. The girl who is a puking, hot mess at a huge party on the weekends is not trying to sell herself to guys who do not care about her. That girl is waiting for someone (YOU) to walk over to her, put your arm around her and tell her that she is worth so much more than anyone has ever made known to her. 

If you believe that Jesus died on a cross for your sins, remember that He died for the sins of every single person you will ever walk by and make assumptions about, whether they believe in him or not. Wow, mind-blowing stuff, huh? 


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