sometimes you just have an epiphany

I want to share with you something that just kind of hit me as I sat in the 6th floor lobby of Gillett and looked out at the rain hitting the window. It came to me all at once, like a freight train that definitely did not hold back.

Timing means everything.

When accidents happen, when catastrophe strikes or when you meet someone who changes everything, you might ask yourself “would this have happened if I was even five or ten seconds early or late?” I cannot answer that for sure. All I know is that moments are placed perfectly in time. 

If a relationship comes along and the timing is not necessarily convenient, it could mean one of two things:

1) Good things can come at difficult times to show you that good things are even a possibility, but this may not be one of those good things that is meant to stick around. Let it go.

2) Good things come along at times of adversity to show you that they are good enough to fight for. Fight for it.

So how do you figure out which outcome goes along with your situation? Well, only time will tell.

That is all I’ve got. Stay beautiful even if the sky looks gray today.


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