So I haven’t posted in a while.
You could blame it on this whole “school” thing but if I am being honest, I just haven’t had anything significant come to mind. Until I did.

My dad just sent me a picture of a puppy one of his co-workers found on the street and my heart melted. I mean, look at him. How could that face not turn your heart into mush? So I called my dad right away and told him to give that pup to me for my birthday and although I already knew the answer was going to be “no,” I couldn’t help but smile wide as I heard my dad laugh through the phone at my little-kid, goofball sized heart.

I feel like I talk about my family a lot. I have posted about my sister, mom and dad already but I have had tendencies to post about them again.

Growing up, I have seen how dysfunctional families can be. Destroyed by divorce, addiction, loss, illness – you name it, it seems as though just about anything can tear a family apart. Which in turn has taught me how amazingly blessed I am to have the family that I do.

The Vajgrt family is far from perfect, we are no Cleaver clan, that’s for sure. My dad used to refer to arguments as “Vajgrt blowouts.” Though as much as we sometimes disagreed and saw things differently and as many tough times we have each gone through, I always looked forward to sitting down with whoever it was I was fighting with and crying and apologizing and hugging it out.

That’s what family is about. Forgiveness and selflessness. Lowering yourself to do what is best for the group and knowing that they will truly be the only people you can always count on.

Even if they won’t get you a puppy,


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