short and sweet but very important

For some reason we think it is okay to know who someone is and pretend that we don’t know who they are in real life. Whether we had known them in the past, follow them on Instagram and mutually like each other’s photos or travel in similar social circles –  we don’t say hi to them in passing.

The younger generations all do it. I do it. You do it. But my grandma doesn’t. And neither does yours.

So break the cycle people, jeez.

It won’t be awkward and if you feel like it is, then you have issues. Humans are supposed to be social beings. You have way too many apps on your phone to prove it but remember that being social with a LCD screen does not compensate for face to face interaction.

And if you are one of those people who think it is strange when someone you are acquainted with and you are rude or ignore them – STOP! Humble yourself and be kind.


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