– and counting

A lot of my posts are about ways I think we can all see common, everyday events differently – putting purpose in every moment. That theme remains true for the this post as well.

Currently the population of planet Earth is 7.271 billion people. There are over 7 billion people walking around, maybe doing the same things you’ve been doing all day, each with their own mind full of beautiful ideas. Lives full of people who love them and talents setting them apart from the other 7 billion people. It’s mind blowing when you think about it. By merely walking past a single stranger, we come in contact with thousands of people through them.


I glanced up form my bowl of soup to see a girl.

Right next to the window, staring out over the trees, watching as cars and people passed by was a girl. Blonde, fair skinned, ordinary. Eating alone.  I wasn’t judging her for eating alone as I too was eating alone; just trying to make efficient use of my time while my clothes were in the washing machine. Though unlike me she had a look of sadness on her face. Like she had something heart wrenching on her mind. It was in her eyes, the way they longed for the couple holding hands walking down the sidewalk and the group of girls laughing as they locked up their bikes.

I found myself looking up at her, studying her, and I began to feel her sadness and recognized it in my own past.

Had someone said something or done something awful to her, had she received bad news, done poorly on a recent exam, had someone broken her heart?

It hit me that we all, all 7 billion of us, ponder out the window with pain in our eyes sometimes. Because, well, sometimes we just don’t know what else to do. Which in turn made me realize how small each one of us is.

Now this is not to say that your individual problems don’t matter and I am certainly not telling you to get over your issues just because someone might have it worse off than you do. I don’t think that is a just way to view how special God has made each and every one of us. I am offering the thought that maybe if we merely understand the idea that there are other people out there, then we may find it easier to relate. To understand that out of everyone who has ever lived, at least one person has felt the exact sadness that you are feeling; and sometimes all it takes to heal is one person.

Thank you to the girl next to the window. It’s amazing what you can learn over a bowl of broccoli and cheddar.


Psalm 147:3   “He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds”


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