from my pep talk to yours

After much thought and consideration I have arrived at the genius conclusion that not everyone is going to like me.

Not everyone is going to like you either so don’t feel like you’re special or something. (Well, obviously you are special but not special enough to escape the humanity of others.)

Anyways, it’s okay.

There is nothing wrong with you. Some people just have different tastes in other people and you might not be their type. So whether you are dealing with a classmate, floor-mate, roommate, professor, parent, random person you say hi to in some random line you’re waiting in, or even someone you are dying to be friends with – if they don’t necessarily like you or they make you feel like they don’t like you, it’s okay.

Sometimes you might rub people the wrong way, or sometimes the other person may simply just not have the time or energy to get to know all of the awesome things that make you who you are. It is unfortunate but you cannot force others to like you.

I think we need to stop trying to make sure everyone likes us and just make sure that we like ourselves and we work towards becoming people who God would like to welcome into His kingdom. Be good people. And if you are being a good person and you are living and sacrificing things for the good others and Christ, if a few people turn into speed bumps along they way, we need to take the high road and accept that. It is inevitable. I think we so often forget that we do not live and breathe for the approval of other human beings but simply God’s being.

Relax today. Take a break. Refocus your energy. And know that you are loved.


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  1. Dad says:

    Solid, strong, & awesome advice!


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