hi, I think you’re pretty beautiful

This post is going to be about body image. While this is not a light topic for everyone, I hope you let me tell you how I think it is and how my personal experiences shape a different side of the issue.

I have been very thin my whole life. Naturally, I have a slender figure, skinny legs, knobby knees, my ribs stick out occasionally, you can easily see my collar bone. And although this kind of a body sounds like those you see on a runway and are sought after by far too many women, I have always been self-conscious of what others thought about the way I looked. If I counted how many times I have been asked if I eat or how I don’t gain weight, I would lose track, and what’s messed up is how no one ever saw how awful it was when they said those sorts of things. Their laughs at my non-existent calves and showing pelvic bones are something I have never forgotten. For those of you who are naturally skinny like I am, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I have always wondered why it was okay for everyone to tip-toe around a girl with curves but for the girl who tried so hard to gain weight everyday, it was okay to accuse her of anorexia. A girl’s mind and image of her own body is so fragile. Society has always thought of eating disorders to focus around losing weight, which is true; according to the National Institute on Media and the Family, 40% of 9 to 10 year old girls have tried to lose weight. Think about that, 9 to 10 years old puts your child in 4th or 5th grade. But more recently, skinny-shaming has become an issue. While I think it is fantastic for pop culture to finally discourage losing unhealthy weight, I think it is a shame to lump all thin girls into an automatic “eating disorder category” of sorts.

What I am saying can easily be construed and I think confused. In no means am I shaming women with curves and plump figures. Nor am I promoting an eating disorder. I am saying that as society’s view on skinny women becomes more and more negative, the pressure to gain weight may become just as unhealthy as the pressure to lose weight has been for the past 40 years.

What I am saying is that weight should not be a focal point of society all together. What causes issues among young women is the constant hammering that what society wants is what you should expect of yourself. Girls gain eating disorders such as anorexia because society told them that to be model skinny was the only way to be beautiful and wanted. Now society tells those same girls that they are too thin and curves are the way to go. When does it all stop? What is good enough?

You are good enough.

Not everyone is built to be thin and the same goes that not everyone is built to have a womanly hour glass figure. We are who we are. And I believe that whatever that looks like is absolutely beautiful.

Just stop and think before you comment on someone’s weight or size. Large or small, effects are detrimental.

Eat healthy today. Eat all of your meals, grab a cookie if you want, grab another piece of fruit if you want and love yourself. Exercise healthy today. If that means a 5 mile run then run 5 miles, if that means 10 push ups and a few squats, get to it and love yourself.


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