more than matter

Simply put, this word destroys lives. It forces emotion.

Shock. Anger. Grief. Love. Acceptance. Faith.

Tragedies may vary from person to person but they really affect us all the same. These are the moments we face that dare us to look God in the eye and say, “Let it be done according to Your will.” These are the moments that shape us and mold us into individuals. Why? Because they test us. They test what has been or has recently become our norms. While this may be hard to grasp and easy to reject, I pray that we each find peace in our own circumstances. The greatest loss would be one of faith.

I feel that an answer like that may anger many. On some levels it angers even myself, but I realize that having faith in a bigger plan is something worth believing in. Why? Because I refuse to believe that tragedy is mere coincidence. It has to be more than that. It has to be more than a collision of particles and matter. The hurt we feel must mean something more than just chemicals mixing in our brains. I believe that our anguish is a sign from God that we have souls worth fighting for, souls that belong in heaven.

So when tragedy strikes and you feel like you have been abandoned and the thought that “no god would let something like this happen to me or to anyone else” crosses your mind, stop and think about what you are saying. If there was no god out there, then your loss or your tragedy means nothing. It was just another random collision of particles and matter. There was no true motivation behind any of it, no plan. It just happened because it could.

Now that is what truly terrifies me, that would be my definition of tragedy.

I pray that all of you, my dear readers, take time to think and meditate on this idea. Put aside all preconceived beliefs for just a moment and give in to the possibility.




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