standing on the edge of a cliff

I believe that, as humans, we have a strong sense of curiosity that is often underestimated. Our world has unknowingly shaped us to demand knowledge; information is a given right. Though, accepting the thought that we have no control over the majority of our lives is freeing.

Recognition that we don’t know where tomorrow will lead us, or who we will meet in the next few hours, or what thoughts will cross our beautifully crafted, individual minds in the following moments is what causes us to unchain ourselves. Beings of faith in the unknown is what we truly are.

Letting go and simplifying the distractions that life throws at us allows for time to explore and appreciate, time to wander and wonder, to be taken away by the thought of a creator and just live in the present; being swept away by the music playing in the coffee shop.

We allow ourselves the freedom to fall in love, with not only one another but ourselves. Permission to let adrenaline flow and responsibility of anything other than experience to escape us.



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  1. Dad says:

    Time to wander & wonder… I like that. Actually, I love that! Keep pursuing your dreams Sweetheart; I love you! Dad👮.


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