Today, Des Moines is getting a nice, heavy rain. It’s falling with purpose, sounding very dignified, very meaningful.

I live for rainy days. Rain is not depressing to me but awakens something inside of me that I do not often feel.

Water is something that has always fascinated me. The way water moves, the the way it feels, how much of our bodies are made of it, how many uses it has – how weak we are to it. Water reminds me of the fact that we all thirst.

I caught up with a good friend of mine, Addy Evans, today. She just got back from spending her spring break in the Philippines, taking care of children, some of whom had been left to die. We spoke about how much time has passed since we became friends and how much we had grown and changed in the past year. We talked about how we could see it in each other’s eyes. At times, filled with sadness and others pure joy. You can tell so much about someone through their eyes. Whether or not we are hiding them, how heavy they look, or how they glisten when we both cry and smile. Often, our eyes are full of longing.

Addy is constantly reminding me that the longing in my eyes is the thirst for something much deeper than any water here on earth could quench. When the skies open up and water so generously offers itself to us, I am reminded of the Holy Spirit’s generosity. How it moves through our lives, the way it feels in my chest, how badly we need it, how much it heals – how weak we are to it.

No, rain isn’t depressing. It’s what keeps us alive.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. addelyn7 says:

    Carm, I have seen how you have changed and matured into beautiful woman inside and out. I am inspired by your outlook on life as well as your hunger for more. Thank you for sharing this. Love you



  2. your roommate says:

    My favorite 🙂


  3. Marie says:

    Your friendship has been so special to watch, you are so good for each other. That is a special gift. Love you both!


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