nothing at all

Many of my posts are meant to inspire and leave you, dear reader, with something to hold on to. But sometimes I get this feeling that I’m not being honest with you, that I’m ignoring the realities that so many of us face, that life isn’t as easy as opening up your heart, being kind and truthful, and focusing on your inner self.

I recognize that life is a lot more than that because life is the only thing that would allow you to be holding something so bright, so fresh and full of confidence that it takes you by surprise. It is the only thing that allows you to be captured by the beauty of something new, and hopeful. And while there may be flashing lights that cause you to look away for a few seconds, warning you of troubles ahead, life gives you the courage to ignore them and keep your focus on what it just placed in the palms of your hands. The thought that it’s too soon doesn’t cross your mind or matter because you haven’t had something this promising in a long time – maybe ever – and while you’re caught up in this perfect moment, you forget to come up for air, to just breathe. Because the loss of this bright light is something you aren’t ready to risk, but eventually, you do come up. You face the flashing lights that were passing you by moments ago and just like that you look down at your hands to realize they are empty. All along you were holding nothing. Nothing at all.


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