If there is anything I struggle with, it’s timing. It’s unfair and questionable and intangible and has more power over our lives than we give it credit for. Time itself is constructed by us but how time relates to our lives is something much more than construction. It’s something allusive and heartbreaking, it becomes our war zone.

Wrong place at the wrong time. Right person at the wrong time. Another angel too soon. Wrong time. Wrong time. Wrong time.

Why doesn’t God wake up and realize all that he has given us and taken from us is given and taken at the worst times possible. How easy it is for us to fall into this trap of anger and question. With out a base and a foundation, emotion takes over and we crumble. We see no point.

Until we allow time to humble each of us, until we allow the thought to cross our minds that what is meant to be will be, until we come to terms with our mere humanity, do we understand timing.

Or, rather, accept the thought that we will never understand timing. It’s freeing.

Knowing that all we can do is keep our faith in the thought that we will be okay. We will survive. We will make it.

Let the wrong place become the place that taught you how to fight. Let the right person take your heart and make you fight. Let that angel watch over you, let them fight for you.

Be thankful for timing. Timing fights for you.


God bless.





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