fight back

We preach love. Of course we do, it seems Satanic to preach hate. But so many times do we act on the hateful fire that lies deep within us. It’s okay to admit that we, as humans, are inherently evil. We are selfish and will do just about anything to survive, and it is instinct to take out anything that disrupts our wants. 

We live in a world that loves violence and intolerance and killing and politics that never seem to get us anywhere because the hateful fire it ignites makes us feel good for a little bit, it gets our adrenaline going. But it leaves us empty and more full of hate than we started out with.

We hate what hate can do to us.

So where does the good come from? Maybe it comes from knowing right from wrong but that had to come from somewhere. What causes that gut feeling to arise that makes right from wrong so obvious? Where does the need for love come from?

Grace. God’s Grace.

Whether you accept it or not, there is Grace knocking on your soul that makes you want to do good, despite hateful instinct. We can’t love or do good with out it.

No matter where our hate is directed, know that there is something that lies right next to that hateful fire that will help you beat it. Accept Grace and know that it will set you more on fire than the hate ever could. 

Thank you to every veteran and every acting member of the military, every brave soldier that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our hate.

Happy Memorial Day. God Bless.  


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