slates and dreams

It is important that we strive to reach our full potential in life. It’s important that we form dreams and we chase them with all of our hearts. It is important that we go through this life with the intention to make it out with the shortest list of regrets as possible. And although few are inevitable, we must choose to learn from them. 

Every chance we are given to make something of ourselves is a chance worth fighting for. Every encounter, every moment, every second we are given is a second that we should never look back on and think of all the alternatives we could have chosen. 

Choose your dreams. Choose those who give you love and support towards your decisions to grab those dreams with all you have and those who open your eyes to potential and possibility. 

While we may not choose perfectly every time, while we may embrace our humanity more often than we would like, know that you can always come home and regroup. 

Sometimes reaching our full potential and chasing our dreams means choosing a fresh start.


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