yes, that is, in fact, me

If you watched Fox News or The O’Reilly Factor Monday night, or if you have gone onto Total Frat Move’s website recently, you more than likely saw my face.

Carmen Vajgrt.

I was interviewed last week by Jesse Watters, a reporter for Fox News, for his segment Watters World, which airs during Bill O’Reilly’s show. At first, I had no clue who Watters was but as the interview went on, I could tell he was trying to trip me up. He skirted around the actual issues that Mizzou had been facing in recent weeks. He focused on what had been misconstrued by national media and tried to get me to get lost in his long, overly-worded questions and say something stupid. I also noticed that his cameraman had placed me facing the sun although, take two steps back and I would be shaded by a tree.

I walked away knowing I hadn’t said anything wrong, yet regretting going through with the interview. You see, I was worried he would edit my responses or take me completely out of context. I was not only worried for my own reputation but my reputation as an aspiring journalist.

When the show aired this past Monday night, friends of mine began texting me to let me know they had just seen me on national television. My first reaction was, “Did he make me look stupid?” To which my friend replied, “They had you looking confused. You didn’t respond.” *hence the whole looking into the sun tactic.

At first, I was relieved. Watters hadn’t taken anything I’d said and pulled it out of context, I hadn’t said anything wrong and I wasn’t misinformed. They showed me once. I gave Watters nothing substantial to work with. I returned home and watched the clip of myself and then tweeted what’s shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.36.29 PM

I felt a small victory.

This morning, my interview clip had become the thumbnail on This site made the video go viral and I had friends from all over texting me to tell me I was famous. More people seemed to have seen the video from this website than on national television.

Here’s what I found interesting:

Although the 5-minute, 12-second clip showed me for a total of 10 seconds, TFM chose to use a screenshot from my interview as the thumbnail for the article.

The attractive white girl or, more commonly referred to as “Nike sweatshirt.”

Comment sections are a dangerous territory and it’s where I found degrading comments about my appearance and how attractive I am. And while some girls would be proud to turn guys on wearing an ex-boyfriend’s sweatshirt and no make-up, I found it a little concerning that the majority of comments on the video revolved around my 10 seconds of fame.

And all I had to say was, “…yeah?”

Forget about the rest of the 15-minute interview where I had an answer for every one of Watters’s questions.

Intelligent answers.

But Watters couldn’t air any of that because the whole point of him coming to our campus was to ensure that the rest of the United States would think my beloved University was overrun by pissed off college students who didn’t really know what they were talking about.

He didn’t air those parts of my interview because our society does not only suffer from racism but sexism. Where intelligent women are hardly shown on air, even though some will spend 15 minutes of their day trying to prove a “tall, athletic, smart and rich” white man that they have a voice and actual thoughts that run through their pretty brains.

I don’t know what kinds of answers the other students gave that didn’t make it onto the nightly news. I don’t know how many intelligent things Watters and his crew cut out, but I do know this:

The attractive white girl in the Nike sweatshirt is intelligent and well-spoken.

That’s who I am.

Can you imagine what the comments section would read if the viewers knew that?


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  1. Dad says:

    You got it mostly right Carmen. Waters World is just that, mostly wet! He’s shallow, degrading, arrogant, and mostly, SMUG!
    His whole motive is to attempt to show the world that the common person is stupid & uninformed. I’m proud of you!!! Dad👮🏼


  2. Ian Reebs says:

    Thanks for sharing your side of the story and standing up for your self! You’re great 🙂


  3. Brendan says:

    Someone posted this link in the comment section of TFM and I decided to give it a read. Respect for actually being well-informed and that being the only clip they were able to show of you. However, the reason I give respect to you is because your peers are not as well-informed. Yes they may have cut out some clips that may have shown they know more than I feel, but his questions were not as twisted as you say they were. If you really want stuff like this to stop, you should help teach your fellow peers all the facts so things like this don’t occur.

    Good luck with your cause.


  4. Jordan says:

    It’s funny how bad you must be getting grilled for this considering the fact that you’ve only approved two comments so far.


    1. You’re the fourth to comment buddy

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Garret says:

    Got sent here from TFM as well, and as a regular commentator on the site I just wanted to mention that it is a satire site geared toward college aged males. Most of us are there trying to get a laugh, make stupid jokes, and escape the overly PC culture around us today. With that said I think your response here was well worded and formulated and you seem like a genuinely well-spoken person so more power to you and I have a lot of respect for you for getting your point of view on the matter out there


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